So as I understand Frege’s  Begriffsschrift, eine der arithmetischen nachgebildete Formelsprache des reinen Denkens [Concept-Script: A Formal Language for Pure Thought Modeled on that of Arithmetic] (in German), Halle a/S: Verlag von Louis Nebert, 1879 is pretty revolutionary.

Now he uses:

for “negation” concept, ![enter image for judgdescription here

for “judgment”…

for “existential quantification” concept in his book.

So if we are privy to choose any symbol as “mathematical” unit, what if I chose a single line drawing of a “parrot perched on a stand” to represent concept “parrot perched on a stand” or P.

Or we use an image of single line robot to stand “All is in Robot” or R.

The point of “a single stroke” thought is used to cast doubt on reader’s mind about notion of “separability” and “space” assuming we are not technically cognizant of topology.

So if we imagine an infinite Turing tape, and we allot the first symbol of denoted by R as the visual display of Robot, and the P as (not the symbol but the drawing of ‘parrot’) then we conceive of an imaginary language like ideograms.

Point being, if Frege uses any arbitrary symbol to denote mathematical objects why not use these? Furthermore, can a mathematical knowledge such as Continuum Hypothesis’s state of validity be encapsulated by a single concept L or a random children’s drawing?

Taking this concept further can a symbol such as Ω be conceived of a constant that encapsulated the entire historical recording of universe?

Furthermore, if a ‘writing’ (that too given the carte blanche of [boustrophedon of Eastern Island glyphs rongorongo) DEFINES a mathematical concept, I can arbitrarily define this image T as one state, but doing so automatically defines “an alternate state”.

Thus, consciousness requires non-consciousness. Paradox. And conception or this Soul called Atman by Hindus exist as One or Non-dual.

So we assume nothing. Nothing assumed, we are sile…

This reminds me of Taoist attitude: Those who know, don’t speak//Those who speak, don’t know”.

Point being, we if assume a poetic metaphor that “universe is everything” then this invokes the notion of space(and time). But going back to Frege, he uses a single stroke concept…

This brings to information theory. Forget about “symbols”. Assume a state X. This is opposite to **X**. So this vibration is result of consciousness. But blank state is what exists which is actually a blank state as in Nothing.