So there was 1 first. Let it be 1 is the statement G where G is God is good.
Then from automorphism – non-technically speaking- 2 was created which enables one to say G is not good. From duality came triad.  Then we can say God is neither good or bad.  When four is created, we can say God is good. Good is bad. Good is netiher good or bad. God is good and bad.

Point being, as each number is created it gives us more utility tools to express ourselves.  Now we all know there can be no end to prime numbers.  But as each primes are created introducing phenomenal universe where mind-boggling space is there where anything goes.

Stronger, weaker… theory.  Suppose it takes  x-digit number to come with a proof of RH and a disproof of RH. On “higher realms” whatever that may be, we need x+Δ – digit number to see if all the following cases exist:

RH is trueRH is false
RH is true but unprovable
RH is false but unprovable
RH is true and false but unprovable

Question now immediately becomes how many possible cases exist and how to use infinitary logic to examine all possible cases. Does Kripke frame and modal logic help? IDK.  Never  rigorously studied Craig Smorynski or for that matter Smullyan volume on combinatory logic.

Now how do we apply these? Is it provable that RH is provable and if THAT is provable, can that be  provable? Infinite regress anywhere?

You see there are infinite possibilities. And ω-sphere can model all the possibilities EVEN the ω-sphere that does not contain the ω-sphere.

So basically ω-sphere is a generalization of Quine atom. It contains itself. And it doesn’t contain itself. It contains itself which does not contain itself…etcetera.

Task: Figure out a way to model things that are not even ‘modelable’.

And then try to see how phone number problem relate to this? Is there a form in phone numbers? For instance, how do we denote: 214-556-2000 has similar form as 214-445-5000. But how to use a language to describe their identical core form?

When I was stoned on synthetic weed, I saw a vision whose meaning I couldn’t take until later time. It was akin to the boards that chess master sees…a taxonomy…where he decides which program controls which program or rather the different avenues where games branch out in different quantum states.

Pic is worth a lot. Here it is sideways taken from hierarchical temporal memory (HTM)  from Wikipedia.


And when I was reading about Diophantus it clicked immediately that Matyiasevich’s work may be a possible approach where the archetypal vision gave me a message from sub-conscious. Hoping it is my benzene I read the master’s paper on RH from a logician’s p.o.v.

His paper basically tried to combine number theory with computability. But ultimately I got the hint from above that may be one way to look at RH should be via Diophantine equations. Where each modules and sub-modules are governed in turn by other sub-programs and so on. That is why I had that image flash in my mind under influence of substance.